Ben Towers – Founder

Ben Towers is still only 17 years old; he can regularly be found on TV, radio, in the news and at events talking about his experiences with Towers Design and also sharing his knowledge about building a successful brand. Ben was named by The Times as “the most powerful / smartest teenager on the planet” after topping their Superteen Power List of 2015. Day to day Ben’s involvement with Towers Design is more from a management level but he still does get involved with managing and overseeing some projects and  often works with marketing and brand campaigns where they are targeting young people or looking to bring out a creative ideas.
Megan - Projects@2x

Megan – Head of Projects

Megan has been in the Towers Design team since early beginnings and over time has proven her skill at project management and expertise of ensuring campaigns are delivered on time with the best possible solution that pleases the client. The projects team consists of 3 other project managers who work with clients to ensure their campaigns are always results driven for the customer. Megan us passionate about making sure everything runs to schedule and the client receives the best possible experience when using Towers Design (she reminds this to the team every day!). In the team is Katie, Harry and Sarah; they can be contacted on [email protected].

Louise - Creative@2x

Louise – Head of Creative

Louise has recently joined the team as Head of Creative after leaving another digital agency in Manchester. She is an extremely creative lady who is always thinking out out-of-the-box concepts and ideas for projects. When working with clients Louise will ensure the best designer is working on the project (as per their skills) as otherwise it would never get past her sixth sense for perfection! The creative team includes: Sunil, Jo, Dan, Tristan and Sarah; they can be contacted on [email protected].

Tom - Marketing@2x

Tom – Head of Marketing

When is comes to Marketing Tom (not to be mistaken for Jack Jack from The Incredibles!) is amazing at executing successful campaigns that make a difference and get noticed. Tom’s experience in marketing ranges from small businesses to large worldwide brands who are looking at making an impression. The teams skill set includes digital, social media, PPC and SEO, influencer marketing and even printed campaigns. In the marketing team there is: Simon, Karl, Kelly and Emma; they can be emailed on [email protected].

David - Web@2x

David – Head of Web

David is your typical geek – he loves late night working and pizza! Davids past experience in development has always been as a freelancer working for clients all over the world. The web team are experts at transforming the creatives UI visualisations into reality making sure they are secure, elegant and fully working. The team have expertise in both front end and back end development and integrating awesome web features and systems, in the team there is Craig, Amanda and Philip; they can be contacted on [email protected].