We know the importance of feeling in control of your business. We offer a full Content Management System Service that is personalised to our clients wants and needs. The freedom to manage your website exactly how you want – without learning the web jargon. Towers Design started as a website design business and we are renowned for our creative flare.

Furthermore, to complete your online web presence our team can create a bespoke social media plan to increase your brand awareness online – from this you can decide if you would like our social media managers to take control of your social activity or you can do it yourself. Our SEO services are excellent for businesses who want to appear higher on search engines and ensure your whole website is ‘search engine friendly’.

Creative Design

Your brand is your everything. It’s the element on which all other communications are based. We’ll work with you to evolve your existing brand, or to create something entirely special new. Once we’ve locked down the spark of your brand, we can begin to make it known.

Once you have your brand our expert design team can help creative a selection of printed media ready for printing and publishing, illustration design perfect for a variety of uses (i.e. website, social media, printed media, presentations etc). Our designers also know how to revolutionise your presentations – a previous client of ours received investment a lot faster after they had their brand new pitch deck designed by us). To add the finishing touches we can help manipulate your brand photography to ensure constancy.



In business a premium quality business card is excellent at attracting new clients and leaving a great impression. A card which has a premium feel will leave your customer associating such quality to your service and – on top of this a business card will last meaning you are leaving a lasting quality image.

It is because of this why all of our printed products are done using some of the latest techniques in the industry and we always ensure every printed item is of a standard we are proud to have. On top of this our prices are extremely competitive too (1000 matt laminated 450 gsm double sided business cards are only £36 with FREE delivery!).

Website Hosting

According to Kiss Metrics A 1 second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions. Although your website development does play a major role in ensuring speed so does your website hosting solution.

Our super fast UK based website hosting solutions are excellent for businesses who want to make their website quickly accessible to the whole world. As our servers are UK based it means that your UK visitors will experience optimal speeds as there is less distance for the signal to travel meaning a faster loading time.

Our website hosting solutions include; shared website hosting, virtual private servers (VPS), dedicated servers, email hosting and domain registration. Check out for more.